We are a small, home-based Schnauzer breeder located in Western Montana.  We have raised Mini and Standard Schnauzers for several years and have decided to retire from this project.  Our dogs are our pets and friends and will stay with our family.   We have decided to retire Schotzi after this litter and will no longer breed our dogs. If you are interested in a Standard puppy, and are not able to get a puppy from us, we do have a local breeder that we will recommend that will be having puppies in the future.

Schnauzers are a very intelligent and playful dogs that are considered "Hypoallergenic" due to not shedding.  Schnauzers are good house dogs and best friends because of their non shedding traits and friendly personalities. 
If you are an outdoorsman and are looking for an all day hiking partner, a Standard Schnauzer may be a great choice for you.  Extremely athletic and smart, a better trail partner can not be found!
Please explore this site to learn more about our dogs or call or email us to learn more about our breeding and referral services. Thank you for visiting us.

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Revised 05/08/2017  KOE.

Schotzi and Cooper had a litter of 10 puppies on May 6.  We have 3 Black males, one Pepper and Salt male and one Pepper and Salt female available. 
Puppy pictures updated on May 21.
Please call Jan to discuss any questions that you may have. 
Thank you.  406-370-9415
UPDATE- May 21, 2017
​Puppies from 2016